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MOD Post

Once again, there's an update. No drop-outs this time, however. =3

As stated in the previous post, our RPG was without a Duo. That problem has been fixed since then.

Sachi / _cloakanddagger ( AIM = two makes duo ) will be taking over the part. I think she'll fit very nicely into the RPG- which is, of course, why I invited her to join.

In regards to the storyline/plot/what-have-you going on between Duo/Heero/any other characters involved, let me just clarify it once again. (This is mainly for the benefit of those of us not involved in scenes with them, really, as I've already spoken to members whose RP is effected.)

Basically, the last scene between Heero and Duo is going to be disregarded and redone-- that part of the characters' story will pick up just after Duo invited Heero, but before Heero actually arrives on L2, thereby giving time for Duo to discuss the matter with Hilde. The prior interaction through the scene with Quatre will stand as it is, unless anyone has a problem with that (in which case, I ask that you IM me about it).

I hope this cleared things up for everyone. Again, any questions, comments, concerns, etc., can be sent my way via AIM or through the community.

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