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Log: Doctor's Appointment, Dorothy + Relena + Zechs

Appointment Log, 23rd September AC 197

Characters: Dorothy + Relena + Zechs
Location: Doctor's Office
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This happened after Zechs had found out that Wufei's his partner. Wufei-mun and I hadn't finished that yet, though God knows why.

Dorothy put on her shoes and put on a jacket as the little kitten played with her long hair. "Now, don't get too comfortable here. You're going to Pili's sister," she informed the small creature. She heard a knock at the door and someone answering it. Then one of her maids informed her that she had guests.

Zechs stepped into the mansion, smiling slightly at the maid as she led them. Bowing low as he saw Dorothy, he resisted the urge to grab something as the room spinned slightly.

Relena followed in behind her brother, a smiled and nod offered to the maid. Her arm was looped through her brother's, to probably steady her own self. Azure hues set on Dorothy and the kitten she had found. Smiling, she glanced up to Zech's and moved to her friend. Kneeling so that she could pet the kitten,

"Adorable, why don't you keep her?"

Dorothy walked downstairs and smiled as she saw them. She watched her steps as the kitten bounced around her feet while she walked down. "I doubt I could give her the attention and time she demands."

"Why ever not, Dorothy? Perhaps a kitten would keep you company, they're said to be rather loyal companions, after all." Zechs tilted his head slightly towards her.

“I thought dogs were the loyal ones. Anyway, I have to keep her for a little while longer. Pili said they have guests right now, ones that are allergic to animals," Dorothy explained. She watched the kitten grab at Relena's hair. "She loves hair."

Relena laughed softly, pulling the loose strands behind her ears. Meanwhile scooping the little thing with claws up in her arms. Rocking it like a baby, she danced with it, "I still say you should keep her. If you can take care of her, then you'll be a better mother. Plus, wouldn't you want the babe to be protected by this cute feline?"

Zechs smiled slightly; contented to simply watch Dorothy and Relena talk as they walked towards the car. He was glad that Michael, Dorothy's cousin, had insisted on being the chauffeur. The flu bug was slightly annoying; as are the slight dizzy spells he had since Germany. He could only hope that it healed fast enough.

"I suppose that's one way to look at it." Dorothy smiled. "I might keep her. Pili's sister doesn't know anything about it yet, so I won't disappoint her if I do." She looked to Relena with seriousness.

A shrug was given, "I'm fine. You are whom I'm concerned with. I think I should move in with you…” Relena glanced to her, smiling. "That way, I can make sure everything is alright with you."

"Besides," Zechs smiled as they got into the car, "Dorothy can keep an eye on Relena to make sure that she isn't overworking herself."

Relena rolled her eyes and poked her brother, "Well, thanks to you, I can't go back to work for awhile..."

Dorothy chuckled a little. "I suppose a little company wouldn't be too bad." Her mind immediately leapt to how her nights would not be troubled anymore, but she kept this to herself.

Zechs cocked at eyebrow at his sister when she poked him, "You deserved a break, Relena. And besides, I'm sure that you'll be able to go back to work.... In a while, that is."
He nodded towards Dorothy, "Company is always good."

Relena nodded in agreement to the company part, but then sent a glare to Zech's. "You know, I could have decided if I needed a break or not." Crossing her legs, she went to put an arm about her friend. "Plus, now I can talk Dorothy into wearing my nice, comfortable shoes."

Dorothy snorted at the comment. "Those shoes aren't allowed in my house," she teased. "Unless you'll allow me to burn them." She smiled deviously.

Relena pouted and wrinkled her nose, "Fine, they'll stay at the house, but you need to stop wearing heels and all. Bad for your back."

My back is perfectly fine," Dorothy lied with an even face.

As the car turned around the corner, Zechs closed his eyes against the dark spots that appeared all of the sudden. 'This was getting absolutely ridiculous,' he sighed mentally. Putting his hand on the small pouch in his pocket, he turned away from the girls, towards the window as he quickly popped two aspirins in mouth and swallowed them.

Relena glanced towards her brother, arching a brow. Did she just see...? Shaking her head she looked back to her friend. "Listen here missy, I expect to be godmother to this baby. So, to insure it's health and yours; you are not wearing heels after today. Got me?" Oh boy, she was sound like her mother. Inwardly groaning, she sighed.

"Yes, ma'am," Dorothy gave a mock salute. "Who shall be the child's godfather then?"

Blinking, she tilted her head. Relena shrugged, "I don't know, who is the closest male figure to you?"

Dorothy shrugged. "I wouldn't really know. I hadn't given any thoughts to godparents just yet, actually. I suppose whoever spoils me the most by the time the child's born will be it."

Zechs laughed, turning back to Dorothy, "Then I must be sure to spoil you then?"

Dorothy smiled and felt herself blushing a little.

Relena laughed at her brother's comment and shook her head, "Ah, yes. Well, let's hold off on naming the godfather…"

Zechs smiled back at them, turning towards the window as the car drove into the driveway of Dorothy's doctor office. Alighting from the car, he first helped Relena out, then Dorothy. He opened the door and bowed slightly, letting them pass.

Dorothy climbed out of the car and took a deep breath as she looked at the building. For some reason, its sight always caused her some uneasiness, though she didn't know why.

Relena held on to her friend, making sure she wouldn't trip. Those damned heels of hers made her paranoid. She'd smile softly, "Come on, let's get your check up and then we can get Zech's to take us out for lunch again."

Dorothy raised an eyebrow at Relena as she held onto her. She had known how to walk in heels since she was fourteen. "That will be nice."

Zechs smiled at Dorothy, then took her other arm. Relena was not the only one who was worried about her, after all. Leading them to the counter, he nodded to the nurse, "Catalonia."

He turned towards Dorothy, "Do you wished for us to follow you in?”

Dorothy nodded. "Yes, please...though there will be another pelvic exam."

Relena nodded, still holding on to her friend, she nudged her in the back room. "It's no trouble at all. I'd like to see the little one anyway." Smiling softly, "First pictures... Aren't you excited?"

Dorothy smiled. "Yes, I am, though I doubt there'll be too much to see just yet." She went behind a sheet once in the exam room.

Folding her arms over one another, Relena leaned against the wall. "Still, it's a memorable experience! I should have brought my camera... Maybe I can go buy a disposal one down stairs..." Thinking aloud, it seemed the Relena wanted to capture every moment!

"Exactly what would you take a picture of?" questioned Dorothy as she stripped down and changed into the medical gown behind the screen.

Shaking her head, "No, I mean one here in the room. Like, how the procedures are done, and seeing Dorothy in the gown and her exam!" Yes, she was hyper. She had to get her mind off of certain things. Poor Dorothy.

Dorothy walked out and sat in the examining chair but didn't set her feet in the stirrups. "I doubt anyone wants to see a picture of me with my legs open."

Zechs coughed slight, turning away. The spot on the wall seemed a whole lot more interesting...

Relena laughed softly, "No, not that. I would be discreet." After all, she knew when pictures were good or bad. One of her old dreams was to be a photographer. "Though, we can't do it this visit..."

Dorothy started to lean back in the chair, but in that position, her feet went to the stirrups. Instead, she just sat up and crossed her legs until the doctor came. "You plan on coming to more visits?"

The blonde blinked several times, "As long as you want me here, of course! I want to give you support, I'll be like your mother except, nicer and younger. No nagging... Well, I will nag, just not as much." Relena smiled to her, her hand reaching for Dorothy's,

"It's what friends are for, plus Zech’s wouldn't mind playing the father role for awhile. Right?" A look was sent to her brother who was reading something on the wall.

Zechs shook his head, smiling, "Of course not. I would be quite honoured."

Dorothy squeezed Relena's hand. "Thanks"

Ha! Relena was good. Smooth and under the radar. Looking to Dorothy with a grin, she sent her a wink. "No problem."

Dorothy nearly rolled her eyes, but she looked to various pictures on the wall of female body parts and the development of babies in the womb.

Relena's eyes went to look at those very same pictures. A tilt of her head as she smiled, "I want a baby..."

Zechs blinked, turning towards her, opening his mouth to speak. However, before he could, the door opened and the doctor walked in, pulling on a pair of gloves.

"I guess that's our cue to leave for the moment...?" Relena looked between the doctor and Dorothy.

"Unless you're just that curious," Dorothy said watching Dr. Romero get ready. She settled back in the chair but kept her legs together while they were in the room.
Zechs shook his head, "Relena?"

Relena wrinkled her nose and shook her head, "Ah, we'll let you not be so embarrassed. Just have him let us know we can come back in after that... is over."

Dorothy nodded and put her feet in the stirrups while attempting to keep the gown down.

Studiously not look at her direction, Zechs turned and walked out of the room. He was blushing slightly.

Following suit, she waved to her friend. Closing the door behind her, she poked her brother in the side, smiling up at him. "You're not blushing, are you?"

"Ouch." Zechs intoned dryly as he rubbed at the side she had just poked, "Of course not, Relena."

Relena rolled her eyes, "Sure, of course..." A small grin appeared on her face.

Zechs laughed slightly, simply basking in the presence of his little sister. About to bite back with a cutting retort, his vision suddenly swam and he blindly reached out and grabbed the nearest steady object, Relena.

Relena's eyes widened, was her brother sick? Her arms went hold on to him, moving to steady himself slightly. "Millie... Millie, what's wrong?" Her eyes glanced up to him, worriedly. Something wasn't right, he was pale, and looked like he was about to pass out.

Zechs shook his head slightly, trying to shake off the dizziness in vain. If anything, it intensified further. He could only hope that he didn't worry Relena too much before the world turned black.

Well, it did worry her! Then to have her brother fall, literally on top of her, made her scream for help. "Someone! Help!" Turning him over, she shook his form lightly, "Millie! Milliardo, wake up this instance!"

Dorothy and Dr. Romero appeared at the doorway and looked to see what was the matter. "What happened?"

“He… He just collapsed!" Relena exclaimed, "Don't just stand there! Help him you bloody doctor!"

Dorothy went to Relena as the doctor went to examine Zechs. She held her hand as they watched. "I'm sure it's nothing serious."

Relena shook her head, "No, it is something serious..."

Dorothy took Relena over to the chairs and sat down with her, making sure her gown was tightly shut in back. "Has he been feeling ill?"

"I… I don't know… He hasn't said anything, but… he's been different ever since that night he picked me up from the police station..." Relena nibbled her bottom lip; "There's something wrong…"

Dorothy looked over and watched with concern. "Well...the doctors will find out," she assured. Dr. Romero called another doctor to help him, and they took Zechs into an examining room.

Relena moved from Dorothy's embrace to follow the doctors, "I want to find out..."

Dorothy followed, not quite sure what to say. “We don't want to get in the doctors' way."

"You're right, we'll wait out here..." Relena replied softly. Taking a deep breath her back leaned against the wall now. "We were supposed to be here for you and now… look."

Dorothy clasped her hands behind her back, also keeping the gown shut. "I...." She searched for words, but none of them even comforted herself, much less Relena. She looked down, a million thoughts swimming through her head.

Relena sighed, closing her eyes. "You don't need to tell me anything. Millie will be fine, he always is..."

Dorothy hugged her. "Well I doubt he lived through war just to die from whatever it is he has."

"Yes, well. He's going to get an earful..." Relena seethed, wasn't she stubborn?

"For not telling you?" Dorothy asked. "He hasn't fainted or anything before?"

Shaking her head, "No, he hasn't. Just wait till he wakes up, he'll wish that he was still asleep..." Turning to look at the door, waiting for the doctors to come out.

Dorothy smiled and looked to the door in expectation as well. "I'm glad to hear it."

"I'm glad you two found each other and are finally acting like siblings," Dorothy said. "It's nice to see you both getting what you want." She suddenly felt like crying, damn hormones.

Relena shook her head, and hugged her friend. "Yeah..."

Just then, Dr. Romero exited the examination room, looking pale and shaken. He nodded to the two girls, "Are you the immediate family?"

"I'm his sister..." Relena responded almost immediately. Glancing up at the doctor, "Is… Is he okay?"

The doctor pursed his lips, "I think you had better come in." he nodded towards Dorothy, "You too, Ms. Catalonia."

Dorothy nodded, very worried. Dr. Romero was usually in high spirits about everything, for him to be this serious meant.... She pushed the thought of her mind.

Relena moved into the room, Dorothy by her side. This wasn't good, she could feel it. Calm and collective - like always, she chanted silently. Again, she asked, "Doctor, is he alright?"

The doctor stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He shook his head, "To be honest, Miss Peacecraft, no." He switched on the hologram projector, continuing tentatively, "I'm afraid I have some rather bad news..."

Relena nodded, listening. Bad news, it was always there. Eyes glanced to the hologram, "That would be?"

"It seemed that your brother has 2nd degree cancer, Miss Peacecraft. On the left side of the brain." The doctor stated baldly, knowing that it was useless to mince words.

Her azure hues drifted to her brother in the corner of the room. Pausing for a moment, "What can you do to help him, Dr. Romero?" Glancing back at the doctor once more.

Dorothy folded her arms across her stomach, almost hugging herself. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She grabbed Relena's arm and held it in what she hoped was support.

"The position of the tumour is, thankfully, on the outer edge of the brain, nearer the cerebrum. Nitrogen freezing would be the most effective..." He paused slightly, then plowed on, "However... The success rate is, even with the advanced technology, only 75%. Also, he'll need a months to be able to regain normal co-ordinations, and that is with the help of physical therapy..."

Dorothy opened her eyes once she got the tears down and looked from the doctor to Relena, still holding her arm.

Relena's hand was shaking now, moving to hold on to Dorothy's that was on her arm. Hanging her head, she would nod, "I see..." Her bottom lip quivered almost and she took in a breath. "Will he regain consciousness?"

Dorothy took her hands off Relena's arm and put them around her waist. She didn't look over to the unconscious man but kept her eyes on Relena watching her.

"Yes, he should be waking up in a few minutes." Dr. Romero nodded, "Excuse me, if you will." He stepped out of the door, knowing that they'll need time to themselves... and for Ms. Peacecraft's brother.

Zechs had awaken when the doctor started to explain his... condition to Relena and Dorothy. He had feigned sleep, trying to process the information and ignoring the sinking feeling. It seemed that karma had caught up to him after all. When he heard the click of the door closing, he opened his eyes slowly, turning towards the girls, "Relena, Dorothy... I... apologize..."

It seemed that his sister had moved so quickly to his side that he could not see her move. Taking his hand in hers, shaking her head. "Hush. No need to apologize anything." Another shaky breath was taken in; tears were finally coming to well up in her eyes. "Millie…"

Dorothy was quite slower at moving to his side. She stayed quiet and let Relena talk with him. The tears had started to come back, and she fought the back down.

Zechs pushed himself up into a sitting position, then smiled towards his sister, "Relena, I'll be fine... If I had survived Libra, why would I not survive this?" He paused; narrowing his eyes slightly, "You should go for a check-up, Relena... You were there when Sanc fell also... Better to be safe than sorry, no?"

Shaking her head, "I'm fine, you are whom I'm worried about... As well as Dorothy..." Relena looked to her friend that was by her brother's side. "Millie, you'll get the surgery... right?"

He nodded, "There seemed to be no other choice." He turned towards them, "Relena, Dorothy, please don't tell anyone about this. Especially not Lady Une and the Preventers."

"They're going to find out sooner or later, you nit wit..." Relena exclaimed, pinching his arm.

"But they don't have to. Besides, Lady Une would never allow me to be a field agent if she knows." Seeing her opening her mouth to protest, he continued, "I have to do something, Relena. I can't, I won't, just stay indoors idling. I have to, and I doubt that it'll make much of a difference."

Dorothy looked to Relena to see her verdict.

"You can try and keep it from them, but it won't work." Relena moved to stand, glancing away, brushing those tears off. "I won't say anything."

Zechs ran a hand through his hair, sighing softly, "Relena... You know I hate feeling helpless about anything, and now I don't even seem to have control over my own body... I have to do something...."

Relena shook her head, "You'll get the surgery. No if's, and's, or but's."

Zechs nodded, "Yes, I will... I suspect that we may have to wait for quite a while before the surgery itself... And I don't intend to be idle during then."

His younger sister narrowed her eyes, "Fine, you're moving in with Dorothy and taking care of her. You'll not be idle then."

Dorothy's eyes widened and looked at Relena in shock. "Excuse me?"

Relena looked to her, "Well, I think that way, I can keep an eye on both of you..."

Stubbornness set in Dorothy. "Thank you for the 'offer,' but I'm perfectly fine on my own. Women have babies all the time. I think someone else needs your attention now."

"Dorothy, don't start. You want him there, so do I." Relena replied quickly.

Zechs blinked, "Don't I get a say in this?"

Dorothy bit back a retort and looked away.

"No! You don't!" Relena yelled to her brother.

Dorothy muttered about changing back into her clothes and headed to the door.

A flash of hurt passed through Zechs' eyes, but he understood her stressful position right now. He placed his hand on Relena's arm, "Calm down, Relena... We don't have to settle all of this today. Take one step at a time..."

As if his hand burned her arm, she pulled it away fast, "We don't have time. It's too precious..."

Zechs got down from the bed, sighing, "I doubt that her relatives would allow me to move in with them, Relena."

Relena shrugged and moved out the door, "That's a problem…"

Dorothy walked out of her examining room after getting dressed. She looked to her friends, remaining silent.

"Dorothy, would your relatives allow me to stay in your mansion? Or at least the guesthouse?" Zechs queried.

"It's my house," Dorothy pointed out. "They may not like because...." She caught herself, "… because they just wouldn't, but it's my decision, though, not theirs. I'm not a child anymore."

"So, does that mean he can stay?" Relena asked, eyes moving to her friend. It seemed that it was going all as to plan.

Dorothy shrugged. "If he wants."

Relena looked to her brother, as if sending him a quick glare. Telling him he better.

Zechs struggled slightly to find a counter-argument, pointedly not looking at Relena. "Relena, I don't go back on my word to be a Preventer, nor can I just sit and do nothing while your life might be in danger. Perhaps I could work on the case and be your bodyguard at the same time?"

Relena shook her head slightly, "No, I already have a bodyguard, and I'm going to be taking time off. You will stay and keep Dorothy safe. Clear?"

Dorothy pulled her hair out of her shirt thinking of whether or not she should cut it, slightly ignoring the siblings. However, she rolled her eyes at Relena's comment.

"Relena, I doubt that Dorothy would need to be kept safe. It's you I'm worried about..." He sighed softly, fiddling with a lock of platinum blond, "Would you let me do this? ...Please?"

“No! Zechs, look. I don't need your protection. I have capable bodyguards, and I'm not the one who is carrying a child." Relena looked to her friend and back at her brother. "Leave me be, please."

"Miss Relena, I'm fine," Dorothy insisted. "I'm not the one everyone is after nor the one the entire world knows."

Zechs nodded slightly, "Relena... If you would not let me protect you as a bodyguard, let me protect you as a friend, or, if you allow it, as a brother." He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

She sighed, "I don't want to be protected! Don't you see?” Relena was having mood swings, and she really was not in the right state of mind. Moving to the door, she sighed deeply, "Do what you will, I'm going back to the hotel. I'll see you later, Dorothy."

Dorothy frowned. "Relena!" She glanced to Zechs waiting to see if he would follow her or not.

Zechs sighed after, stuffing his hands to his pockets. He shook his head, knowing that it was useless to chase after her right now. He turned towards Dorothy, "I think we should leave her alone for a while..."
Drained Euphoria has left the room.

"Yes, she seems quite...on edge,"

"I wonder if anything else is wrong," Dorothy thought aloud. She turned to look at him. "She's usually in control of her moods better."

"She will," Dorothy assured. "Well, I am sure you have things to do and people to see." She smiled. "I can have Michael give you a ride wherever you want."

Zechs shook his head, "There is no need. I'm sure that I can manage getting home myself." He smiled slightly, taking the sting from the words.

Dorothy nodded. "Well, if you're sure...." She folded her hands behind herself. "I suppose this goodbye until next time."

"I apologize for you missing the doctor's appointment, Dorothy."

"I'll just set up an appointment for tomorrow or the day after. Dr. Romero shouldn't mind," Dorothy said. "It's nothing that serious. I'm more worried about your condition and Relena's, too." She almost groaned at using Relena's phrase.

Zechs laughed slightly, "Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be fine..." He pushed opened the double-doors, holding it out to Dorothy. "Until next time, then?"

Dorothy was not quite convinced he would be fine, but she kept her mouth shut and nodded. "Until then," she said, walking through the doors.

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