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Software Problems and Stalker

So, thanks to Leader, I got a virus on my lappie-top. ><

Not his fault, but! It went as far as not letting me in Windows, period. After paying $239, to answer a simple question, I had to do a system restore. Which was only pressing two buttons! Well, after that happen, I lost all me data.

Like certain logs, Leader. So you better have saved then or else I'm just posting a freaking summary. >>

Yes, so. That is one thing down.

The next thing is, well, how do I say this... I have a stalker. Yes, no lie. So, if anyone IMs you saying my name or anything or whatever... Please report it to me. I also am asking Leader if he could make all the memories/RPs private. Since this Stalker is using my RP against my relationship with my boyfriend. -_-;

Yup, that's it.. I think.. Hmm..

Ah, yeah. I'd like to apologize for my weird RP I've done for the past few times. A lot of RL problems have occurred and got the better of me. But I'm better! So, the old Rel is back. ^^;

Ooooh! Yeah, I'll be out of town for a wedding from October 27th-30th/31st. I am not sure if I will have any internet access. Though, I will try it anyway.

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