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After a freaking long hiatus of god knows how long due to the finals, both Daphne and I are back! Finals are over, and we're now free to RP again! Yay!

On another note: Wufei and Zechs are living together in the Preventers HQ in Europe, specifically in Germany. So if there's any odd RPs about the environment and each other, that's the reason why. And yes, they're still going on missions, and Wufei don't know that Zechs' illness, only Dorothy and Relena knows. Rel-mun, check latest entry? Thankies!

Also, the timeline is totally messed up. Is the party before or after Dorothy's doctor appointment? For me, it's after, but Eri, Rel's entry makes it sound like it's before... I'm very confused. IMHO, it works better if it's after, actually. Quatre did say that Zechs seems tense, after all.
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