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MOD Post

Activity within the RPG has decreased over the past few weeks; I myself am guilty of not putting in enough time to the community, and have been shirking my duties as Moderator and as Trowa's player, for which I apologize.

Course workload, as well as an upcoming internship has kept me busier than expected, though things have begun to mellow out now. Still, I am not going to be online from December 16 - January 3-- it's winter break at my college, and I will be going home, thereby rendering myself once again without internet access.

I politely urge all members to try to get back into the swing of things in regards to roleplaying, and to make time to update character journals, if you haven't been doing so.

Between now and January 3, 2006, I would like all active members to please make a comment in response to this post, letting me know you're still here; that should be ample time for you guys to get around to reading this. Those of you who do not comply by the first few days of the new year will be considered inactive, and will be taken off the front page so that replacements can be found.

That's about it for now.

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