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Where is our place... In this new Era..?

Faded Melody -- A Gundam Wing RPG
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The dawn of a new era has turned its nurturing light upon the Earth Sphere and Colonies.

In this time of growth, of change, of peace, there is no place for the Soldiers of the past.

They've become nothing more than a faded melody, a shadow of a time left behind in the wake of progression....

* * *

Welcome to Faded Melody, an RPG centering around the lives of the pilots of Gundam Wing, as well as the other characters of the series.

This RPG picks up around a year after Endless Waltz ( AC 196; so the year is AC 197, soon to be 198 ).

Having gone their separate ways after the Final Battle, the pilots and all those involved with the Wars must come to terms with what it means to live in a time of peace, an ideal they've fought tirelessly to achieve, and that seems to hold no place for their kind.

With little contact between former allies, individuals can only speculate as to what has become of their comrades in arms.

Chang Wufei, promoted to the upper ranks of the Preventers, an organization that now spends more time creating political ties than keeping the peace, as the fires have all but burned out...

Quatre Raberba Winner, heir to the Winner fortune, CEO of Winner Enterprises, constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye...

Trowa Barton, once more a clown and acrobat for the L3 Circus, resuming a mechanical existence, as though resigned to wait for the peace to end...

Duo Maxwell, trying to lead a civilian life as the owner of a salvaging-yard, dissatisfied and yearning for adventure, excitement, something to shake up his mundane life...

Heero Yuy, who disappeared shortly after he recovered from his injuries, and whom no one has heard word from in nearly a year...

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The Rules

1. kono_doukeshi, Trowa-mun, Leader-- This is the RPG Moderator. If there are disputes between players, questions, etc., feel free to address the issue with me. I reserve the sole right to accept, reject, or boot anyone from the community. Not that I'll be doing either of the last two ( hopefully ), but it's best to make it clear from the get-go that it's possible if you don't follow the rules, or are just an ass in general.

2. Roleplay will take place over AIM, either through one-on-one play or in group chats. All roleplaying is to be done third person, paragraph style.

3. The RP is to be logged, and one of the participants is to post the log of the RP in the community, with an appropriate rating ( PG, PG-13, etc. ) and which characters were involved. The community is to be used only for logs and for OOC. It is expected that character journals will be updated on a fairly regular basis, and they will be IC journals- and you are to have a separate journal from your personal one, and from one used in any other RPGs for faded_melody.

4. This is not a war roleplay. That means, while there may be the occasional scrabble between characters ( if warranted ), there will be no use of mecha, gundams, etc. This RPG is based around the pilots coming to terms with what it means to live in a time of peace, where their 'services' are no longer needed; it's all about character development/insight/conflict/etc. [ Put Atarashii Jidai as the title of your app. so I know you at least skimmed through all this. ] It also doesn't have to all be about angst- while I'm all for it, there's also nothing wrong with casual meetings and attempts at normal, civilian activities.

5. Know the necessary information about your character. It's not that difficult to do a little research online. That said, I expect everyone to keep their characers as close to IC as possible.

6. Know the difference between OOC and IC. Don't let disputes or drama from either cross-over to the other.

7. faded_melody is Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero friendly. This means that if you can properly explain a pairing through enough character interaction, it's allowed, whether it's a couple totally out there in left field, or a couple most people are familiar with encountering in RPGs. Please take into consideration, however, that most of the characters have not really seen or spoken to one another in almost a year.

8. Add all new members' AIM SNs as well as their journals to your friends list. And don't be afraid to roleplay with them.


Please Note: A chronological order of all RP logs can be found under Memories.


Characters Taken

The Pilots

Trowa Barton
Mun: Leader ( MOD )
Character journal: kono_doukeshi
AIM: Kis Gunsei

Duo Maxwell
Mun: Sachi
Character journal: _cloakanddagger
AIM: two makes duo

Quatre Raberba Winner
Mun: Nicole
Character journal: thedesertprince
AIM: Subjectoftowels

Heero Yuy
Mun: Li
Character journal: heero_yuy_
AIM: Tenshinotakai

Chang Wufei
Mun: Daphne
Character journal: dragon_wufei
AIM: Darkened Lands


Other Characters

Dorothy Catalonia
Mun: Amy
Character journal: spanish_duchess
AIM: WinnerPrincess

Mun: Jimmy
Character journal: old_beach_bum
AIM: dannyventure

Zechs Marquise
Mun: Alexandra
Character journal: lightningprince
AIM: DWhispererL

Hilde Schbeiker
Mun: Corynne
Character journal: theredberet
AIM: Hilde020405

Catherine Bloom
Mun: Zia
Character journal: happy_knives
AIM: Meefness

Relena Darlian-Peacecraft
Mun: Erika
Character journal: hope_rests
AIM: drainedeuphoria



You can only claim one character, so choose well. Original characters are not acceptable within this RPG.

Here's the Application:

Copy + Paste + Fill-In the following in a post to the community:

Mun's Name:
Sample Post ( Behind an LJ-cut ):
Additional Comments: