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Log: Duo solo scene (no pun intended...)

Characters: Duo
Where: L2
When: Random Normal Day
Rating: PG
Notes: I'm not sure if solo logs are actually allowed in this game but I had some free time and couldn't see anyone online so decided to be a little active on my own. This log/scene means nothing and affects no-one, basically it's just me beginning to get a feel for writing Duo again in a new environment. So it's just rambling. Pure third person rambling. ._.;

"Damn! Where the hell...? Oh... Damn!"

Locating the tarpaulin, Duo scooped up the blue material and rolled it into a ball in his hands all the while muttering to himself. It had rained the night before, downpoured really and this morning was uncomfortably humid and sunny only providing further proof to the boy that the universe is on the verge of imploding any day now.

He sometimes wished it would just hurry up already, rather than looking like it was acting up to just mess with his work.

The latest project; a shuttle engine, looked even worse for wear. In the afternoon the previous day, he'd brought in fresh iron and welded his heart out and actually saw some promise. By the time he decided to call it a night, his body was already half asleep. Since there was barely an inch of room left in storage and he knew Hilde would be upset if he plunked yet another piece of machinery in the actual house that would stain the carpet--and cause stubbed toes when one of them (usually himself) would be stumbling into the house not paying attention, trip, curse, kick said machinery and wake the other up--, he had no other option but to cover the engine with the thin leftover tarp that was no match for the wind and rain that followed.

Then again, it probably wasn't secured properly to begin with, and being exposed with a combination of fresh iron that was still hot from wielding, the falling water, and the heat of the morning, the engine now had a nice thin later of rust.

"Man...there goes a full days work!" He muttered, tossing the useless tarp over his shoulder and attempted to shrug it off a moment later. "Ah well."

Luckily for himself and Hilde, it was a half-project to begin with and had no real effect on their business. Good thing too, at the rate work was going, they literally couldn't afford to lose anymore jobs and the paychecks afterwards. Hilde made it clear that she would rather be living relatively comfortably, rather than simply surviving as Duo was much...much more accustomed to.

Apparently there's a big difference between the two.

Duo smirked to himself, wiping away a droplet of sweat that formed on his forehead only to smear copper-tinted grease on himself in it's wake and started rummaging through the piles upon piles of junk for parts needed for other projects before the stacks doubled in size as they seemed to every day. Mostly thanks to some of L2's residents confusing the scrap repair yard for a dump to dispose their trash in the yard in the earliest morning hours. It took a lot of time and energy to get rid of the mess that was sometimes left but even after the most exhausting of days, Duo always found a second to give the ones he caught a very heated piece of his mind.

...Unless he happened upon something he needed. Then the only real crime was the other persons wastefulness. The things some people throw away!

Only when it was approaching evening did the braided worker allow himself to take a real breather. After a full morning and afternoon of talking out loud, cursing, and a surprising amount of trial and error he’d finished a job–a pretty important job too, some anonymous client in need--well before the deadline as promised and that meant he could probably be able to sleep in the next morning and Hilde wouldn't have to worry herself over payments for a time.

A moment of relaxation was a beautiful thing.

With a deep sigh, Duo flopped onto his back, the red shirt he was wearing had been efficiently ruined hours ago. Tired, hungry, and itchy from being stained all over with dirt but having no real will to move very far at the moment, he wound his arms behind his head as a makeshift pillow and watched the sky slowly begin to darken above him.

When azure blue turned to royal, hunger pangs and prickling skin became too much of an irritation to ignore. Duo nipped up to his feet and scratched at his neck and cheeks, shaking his head while little dried up mud and oil flakes flitted to the ground with a grunt of satisfaction.

Another long pause. Mostly just listening to the sounds that seemed to blend into each other as night fell. Bird sounds replaced by dogs, laughing kids with the sounds of adults fighting somewhere. He’d memorized these sounds, had this everyday routine down to a science, and even when something different did happen, it was still somehow nothing close to a surprise or a situation that took an extreme amount of skill to get out of. Even the calm felt kind of like an unsteady one. Some days he enjoyed every second of this life, other days he questioned why the sun came up.

Pulling a twig out of his unraveling braid, Duo figured he was having another pessimistic day. Going to bed early actually sounded like a real good idea. ‘Okay, sure, but first things first.’ He grinned to himself as he started a jog to head to the markets and make a pit stop at Mr. Tello’s and swipe an apple.

It was part of the daily routine after all...
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