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Log: Heero + Relena; Phonecall

Characters: Heero + Relena
Location: None - Phone call.
Rating: PG

It was pretty late in the afternoon by the time she would get up, finally. Taking the next few days off - her brother's idea - would be good for her. Also, it helped him make sure she was alright.

Relena moved to sit up in the bed, after last night, her brother had gotten some of her clothes and brought them by. Resting her back against the headboard, she sighed deeply. It was a wonder she was able to get a few hours of sleep. Perhaps, it was because she knew she was safe with her brother, who for some reason wasn't there. Maybe he had a meeting?

The story had been all over the news within minutes, broadcasted throughout the colonies as well as the earth. Despite that, this wasn't the way he'd found out the news. Instead it was through his trusted computer which brought him the selected pieces of daily news.

Pushing the top down on his laptop, Heero pulled himself up wearily onto his feet, his fists clenched as he looked to the floor. It was twice now that he'd failed in the one week.

The blonde would close her eyes, thinking. She had finally forgiven her brother -fully. Tonight, she was able to see how much he cared. He held her why she wept, which she didn't do in front of people, unless they were tears of joy. Her brother understood her, and it seemed it was the best thing for her after what had happened.

Through out the morning, she contemplated what would or could have happened if she was there just minutes before. Would she still be here? Or would she be abducted like with Mariemaia almost a year ago.

Taking a deep breath, his thought's drifted toward the memories of the girl who'd been the headline of it all. The Vice Foreign Minister. No, the girl who'd befriended him all those months ago. A slight smile crossed his face for a second before it disappeared in a flash. She was still safe, but no thanks to him.

Gritting his teeth, Heero did the one thing he'd promised himself he wouldn't do ever since that final day. Crossing the room swiftly, he stopped in front of the vid-screen, hand hovering above the button. Even if the reports said she was safe, he needed actual proof. 'But what if the reports were wrong...' Taking another deep breath, his hand hit the button and the phone tried to connect...

Just as she was about to doze off, her phone rang from across the room. That little cell, was too loud. A roll of her eyes, she moved to get an ear piece from her purse - the wonders of wireless.

Flipping the phone, she didn't recognize the number. Furrowing her brows, she decided to connect anyway. Her face could be seen by the camera implemented in the tiny gadget. It showed just how ragged she looked with lack of sleep for the past few months, her skin entirely too pale for her own good. Those azure hues were the same though, warm yet tired.

He remained silent as the call was connected, deep blue eyes fixed on the image that came to light. They flicked across the screen as he took in her appearance, an easy sign to say how she was without having to ask a thing. He took a few more seconds before he spoke, the words spoke softly as he looked back to her eyes.

Though he knew it would've been best to at least say who he was first, he knew she could tell. She'd always been able to know that much about him, even when he was trying to remain hidden. He smiled slightly, glad that she was alive and well enough to answer the phone.

"Relena? Are you alright?"

The Gods were truly playing tricks on her. Maybe she was imagining this. Was Heero Yuy actually calling her? It had to have been a dream or an illusion. Relena just stared at the little image in her hand, was this real? Her brother had just talked with her about this and now.. She couldn't think, she had to answer! It was as if something had caught in her throat, though she finally came to clear her throat.

"Yes.. Yes I'm fine.."

He released the breath he didn't know he'd been holding. She wasn't the type to worry her friends, but he didn't think she'd hide anything important from him. At least she wouldn't have back then. Things had changed since.

Placing a hand above the screen, Heero leaned forward slightly, taking a better look of the screen.

"Where are you?"

As if on cue, she replied,

"I'm staying with my brother. He picked me up last night from the station." It was all she said, and yet she wished she should have said more. Like, why in the hell was he calling after all this time? He hadn't changed much, from the image, his eyes still intense as ever.

Nodding his head gently, Heero finally glanced away, looking to the side for a few brief moments.

"That's good to hear..." he said quietly.

Things hadn't changed much in that respect. He still wasn't good at vocalizing his feelings. That didn't mean that he hadn't been worried however. Just knowing that she was alright made a heavy weight lift from his chest, though he didn't know what it was.

"Are there any leads as to who they were?"

She shook her head, "No, they do believe that it wasn't some random break-in. They didn't take anything of mine. Which means they were after..." Relena paused.

Always, it had always been like this. It was how things were. Whenever she was in trouble, he was there.

"...you..." He remained silent, looking to the ground. She'd been put in danger, and he hadn't done a thing to stop it. Swallowing dryly, he looked back to the screen, his expression serious as he looked to the image of Relena.

"It wont happen again." His words were more of a statement than a promise. He wasn't going to fail her again.

Sighing, she moved to sit on the couch in the hotel room. She smiled softly to him, "Heero.."

It had been too long. Too long without speaking to him, it felt like his name was foreign, unspeakable.

"It can happen, that's how life is. I'm alright. I have my brother, and the police and even the preventers. I'm safe and sound."

Relena took a deep breath, "You don't always have to look out for me, you've done quite well for the past year without doing it. So have I.."

Shaking his head in disagreement, Heero countered.

"If someone's after you, what makes you think you're safe right now? For all anyone knows, they could be outside the door now." His fist clenched as he tried to stop himself before he got carried away. He closed his eyes for a second, took a breath, and opened them again. This time however, his expression lightened slightly.

"I may not have to look out for you, but I want to. The others probably feel the same way too."

"If you wanted to, Heero, you would have a long time ago. I'm not a part of your life anymore. I'm in the past. You need to.. just.. Stop being my savior. I don't need nor want you to look out for me.." Relena was stubborn and lying, anyone could tell.

Her eyes faltered and looked away from the screen, sighing. "The others do not need to be involved unless they are part of the preventers, and if memory serves me correct Wufei is the only one in that association right now.."

He could tell something was wrong, but didn't have a clue as to how to get the truth out of her. The only idea he had was... "Look at me and tell me what you want."

His eyes remained fixed on her as he spoke once again, this time, his voice low and serious. "If you really want me to stop all this, then I will and you wont have to hear from me again. But that's only if it's what you really want." Heero remained silent from then on in, simply staring back at Relena's image.

She couldn't help but look up at him now, it was like Libra all over again. Relena was a politician and could lie, but she didn't have the heart to, nor could she ever lie to Heero to his face.

"I.. Heero, my apartment is in shambles, I get no sleep what-so-ever, Dorothy's pregnant, Milliardo is back in my life, proposals on the Mars Terraforming Project, meetings, conferences.. Everything is so exhausting... What I want is just to not have any stress and you could not take that away. No one can, this is how my life is." Avoiding the question entirely.

His gaze never wavered as he repeated the very question he'd already asked. "Do you want me to stop looking out for you?"

"No.. I don't.." Whispering softly, "But, you haven't in a year.. I can't ask you to watch over me.. You don't need to.."

His expression softened once again, his fists unclenching. "I've already said that I want to, even if I don't have to." A smile reached his face as he breathed an internal sigh of relief. Even though he'd been hiding out on one of the colonies, Heero had kept a constant watch on the others, and Relena had been on of his higher priorities.

"And besides, everyone keeps telling me that I have to take a time out. I guess this could be classed as one."

"A time out... How long would you stay this time, Heero? A week? A month? Just until the threat is over? It doesn't work like that.. There will always be.." Relena glanced away once more, "Do what you want Heero.. I can't stop you."

His head hung forward slightly as the words hit home. It was true he'd never hung around longer than he had to, but things would be different this time...wouldn't they? His shoulder's slumped as he realized the answer to his own question. Probably not. Even if he wanted to help, she was right. He wouldn't be able to stay there after the work was done. But this time... "...I want to do something at least."

She choked back her tears and hid her face from view, "Like I said, do what you'd like Heero. You know you are always welcome here, you've known that for a long time."

Relena kept as calm as possible, she was pushing away his offer to help. Just like everyone else. Besides her brother at this point in time. It was all too much and now..

"Relena..." The familiar words trickled from his mouth as he looked on in shock. He upset her. After everything she'd gone though, he'd managed to upset her again.

"If you want me to come, I'll come. If you want me to stay, I'll stay. It's up to you." His hand raised to the buttons and he hovered it over them, not wanting to go, but not wanting to upset her any more. "I didn't mean to upset you though..."

"It's not you, Heero. Really, it's not.. I've just.. You know how the stress is.. How it works with everything.." A sigh escaped her lips as she looked back at the picture of him, "You can come.. I want you to. If that's what you want. I won't ask you to stay though."

Nodding his head slightly, he smiled gently back at her, glad she was at least looking back. "I want to come back. And besides, even if I didn't, it looks like I'd probably be dragged down to Earth anyway."

"You know, that doesn't help. I better get going, I need to check into a few things and cancel meetings for the rest of the week." Relena moved to click off the connection, "Goodbye."

Heero looked to the side, his expression somber as he realized he messed up. He nodded his head slightly, facing his gaze back once again as he muttered a low goodbye in response.

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