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Log: After Break-In, Zechs + Relena

After Break-In Log, 16th September AC 197

Characters: Zechs + Relena
Location: Zechs' hotel room in Barcelona.
Rating: PG
Notes: This happened before the phonecall from Heero and 6 days after the dinner with Dorothy. Shower scene is in Zechs' journal.

Relena was calm and reserved on the outside but worried to death on the inside. Someone broke into her home, trashed the place and was gone. The police had taken her to the station to fill out paperwork and also to call someone to pick her up. She didn't want to disturb her driver nor Dorothy. It was in the middle of the night. Dorothy was expecting and she wasn't in any way going to worry the poor girl. She'd call her tomorrow about it. Though who to call? Before realizing it, her fingers dialled a number that had been given to her. She was calling her brother, Zechs.


Zechs was jerked awake by the shrill ring of his cell phone. Muttering quiet curses, he groped for the thing before staring blearily at the number. It was nothing he recognized. Flipping the phone opened, he mumbled, "Hello?"

Sniffling a little, Relena spoke, "Mil-Milliardo...?"

Upon hearing Relena's soft voice, Zechs' sleepiness flew out of the window, "Relena? What's the matter? Are you alright?”

He berated himself, 'Marquise, you idiot, if she is, would she be calling you at...' he checked the alarm clock, 'one-thirty in the morning?'

"Can... C-can you come pick me up at the police station on Forty-third street... I... Someone broke into my apartment and I... Please, just come... I'll explain everything then…” Relena sighed. She was already losing her composure.

Zechs was already dressing as she spoke, "Of course. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Th-thank you, Millie..." Relena whispered and hung up the phone. She was sitting in an office, waiting to fill out some more papers, recording damage done and such. It kept her mind off everything except the papers, at least.

Grabbing the keycard to his hotel room, he rushed out of the room, tugging on his coat on the way. Zechs rubbed his temples as he ran to the rented car parked nearby, 'Relena's apartment had been broken into? Gods, I hope she's alright.'

Jumping into the car, he turned the key in the ignition, trying to concentrate on driving. Completely ignoring the traffic rules, he sped down the street to where Relena said she was.

One of the officers had mentioned for her to stay somewhere else for the next few days, they would be calling in higher-ups to deal with this matter. Apparently, they thought it was serious. There was something more to this, but she simply shrugged it off. Relena's lithe form thanked them, and moved to stand. A few moments later, she saw her brother walk in. There was no doubt in it, for who else had long platinum blonde hair?

Zechs' heart nearly stopped when he saw the pale, slightly shaking figure of his younger sister. Brotherly instincts taking over in that instant, he took off his coat, draping it over her shoulders. Placing an arm over her and pulling her closer to him, Zechs whispered softly to Relena,

“Relena, it's alright, everything's fine." Turning steely blue eyes to the officer-in-charge, he nodded curtly,

"I'll bring her somewhere safe." Taking out his Preventers' Identification Card, he flashed it in his face before bundling Relena into the car.

Relena could not help but lean into her brother's embrace for a moment. As she was nestled into his car, she wrapped her arms about herself, thinking. He cared about her. She looked at her brother as he entered the car and she nibbled her bottom lip. “Th-thank you... For coming to get me...”

Zechs smiled softly, shaking his head, "It's nothing.” Turning towards her, he spoke, "Are you alright? What happened?"

She nodded,

"Yes, I'm perfectly alright. My apartment on the other hand, isn't." Relena sighed softly and leaned her head against the glass window. "I got home to find that the door to my apartment was completely wide open and I wasn't about to go in there if the person was still there. So I called the police.”

Zechs nodded, eyes focussed on the road, "Was anything missing?" His mind was clicking into what Treize had jokingly called 'mission-mode'. Mission: To find who had nearly harmed Relena, and hurt them. He knew he was being a meddling, overprotective older brother, but couldn't bring himself to berate himself.

Relena shook her head, “No, they just trashed my place and left it seems… The police think…” Pausing a moment, “They think they were after me. Which I don't know, I think they're keeping something from me...”

If possible, Zechs' mood darkened further. Amend Mission: Find those who had nearly harmed Relena, and kill them. He made a mental note to speak with the local police. He spoke, “Do you want to stay with me? For tonight, at least? I know that there may be people who's after your life, and I'm worried.”

The blonde nodded, "I'd like that. If I were to stay with you… I don't want to cause the others any burden. Especially Dorothy in her state…"

He nodded, understanding, "Of course..." He turned, swerving towards the street where his hotel is, "We're almost there."

"I owe those proposals I was working on, it seems. If I hadn't kept working on them, I might have been caught in the middle at what happened." Relena said sarcastically.

Zechs laughed softly, "True... A blessing in disguise, it seems." Stopping the car, he pulled the key from the ignition then went over the passenger side, opening the door for Relena and offering her his arm.

Relena instantly latched on to his arm. She walked with him, leaning her head against his shoulder, "I gave my guards the clear, that it would be alright. And now... security will be tighter."

He wrapped an arm over her, pulling her close. Nodding, he said, "I suppose it's the only thing that anyone can do right now..." He turned to her, a small smirk on his lips,

"Madam, would you prefer the lift or the stairs?"

Relena couldn't help but smile, "Well, good sir, I'd like the lift. My feet are awfully tired!"

Smiling back, he led her into the lift. As the door close, he looked closely at his sister's reflection on the silver door. Her eyes seemed puffy and surrounded by dark circles, and she was much too pale. Recalling what she had said, he frowned slightly,

"Relena, are you overworking again?" He kept his tone light, however.

She closed her eyes, giving a small nod. "Yes, but that's how my job is. It's what saved me tonight. That's all I can count on anymore. I can't trust anyone's word or promise…” she whispered softly.

He winced slightly, and pulled her closer to him as the lift door opened. Opening his hotel room door, he pushed her slightly away from him, sighing,

"Relena... I'm sorry. For not being there just now, or during your childhood. I'm sorry that you have to do this..." He laughed, a harsh, self-deprecating sound, "I'm a horrible brother, aren't I?"

Walking in to the hotel-room, she'd glance to her brother. Shrugging off his coat, setting it on the table, sighing, "No… No you're not." Her head bent slightly, moving to wrap those slender arms about her brother, giving him hug. She sniffled, tears threatening to fall,

"You're a wonderful brother.. You are..."

He hugged her back, running a hand through strawberry blonde hair, "Thank you, Relena You have no idea how much that meant to me." A small, genuine smile crossed his lips and he embraced her tighter.

"Millie..." She closed her eyes, letting the tears fall from her azure eyes. "I'm scared… I shouldn't be, I've been through worse, but to know that he's not there anymore... and... I just… don't want to be afraid..."

Zechs smiled slightly, "I understand, Relena... I understand" Rubbing small circles on her back, he whispered soft, soothing words to her.

"Why… Why isn't he there anymore? He said he would protect me Millie... Tonight… Tonight, what if I came home? What would have happened if I got there just minutes before?" Relena sobbed quietly in her brother's shirt, hands gripping tightly on his arms.

He stroke her hair soothingly,

"I can't lie and say that I know, but... He was scared, perhaps, of his emotions. Scared because he knew that he couldn't be your Noble Knight who is always by your side..." He closed his eyes, letting memories assault him, a bittersweet smile crossing his lips,

"But at least you will be able to see him again, sooner or later..." His voice was choked with unspoken emotion.

She was going to respond to the 'Noble Knight' bit, but tilted her head to the side as he mentioned something after that. Sooner or later? She took a deep breath, "Millie.. I don't think I'll see him again… I've accepted it…"

"He's alive, Relena, there's always a chance to see him again if he's alive." He kissed her gently on the forehead, "And there's always Winner's party... I'm sure he'll be able to convince him to attend."

Relena shook her head, "Quatre… Quatre saw the look in my eyes when we were at dinner. He had me all figured out and, like a politician, I hid everything…” Her hand tightened into a fist, "Why should I care for someone when they obviously don't care for me? I..."

"You can't help what you feel, Relena. Emotions... isn't controllable. You care for him, yes, but how do you know he doesn't care for you? Rel..." He brushed her bangs from her eyes,

"Caring for him isn't something that's shameful or sometimes that needs to be hidden. He'll come back to you or you'll get over him, and I'm putting money on the former." He forced a smile, pushing memories back as he concentrated on reassuring his sister. Memories could wait.

"Millie… He and I never really had a relationship… It's silly of me to be like this." Relena sniffled again, pulling away from her brother and walked to the couch. "Maybe… Maybe I just cared for him because… "

Zechs tilted his head, waiting for her to continue.

"Because I admired him, and I wanted to be like him. Strong and secure. I still do… She sighed and curled up on one end of the couch.

He sat down next to her, toying with a strand of her hair, "Perhaps you only admired him, but you still cared for him one way or another, no? Relena... Having a crush on someone you wish you could be isn't surprising, it's human. You must remember that you're still human, Relena, and a teenager too. It isn't hard to forget that, but you mustn't."

"Millie... It's not a crush anymore… I'm over that." Her head finding the crook of his neck, "It's more now…" Relena closed her eyes again and started to cry again. "That's why I've been working so much, to keep my mind off of him. So that my feelings won't deepen and turn into an obsession."

Zechs stroked her hair again, letting her cry on his shoulder. He knew that mundane words of comfort would mean nothing to her now, and so remained silent, letting her cry out all her frustrations.

Relena sniffled, crying her eyes out. Something she had not done in a long time. Hiccups here and there and lost of breath, trying to calm down. "I'm acting like a..." There went a hiccup, "...child..."

Zechs shook his head, holding her close, "No Relena, you're simply acting your age." He smiled at her softly, drawing small circles on her back,

"I don't mind... Cry it all out, little sister."

Relena would then move to raise her head, looking up at him. Pale face was wet with hot tears, "I can't act my age! Look at the position I am in. I can't afford to act like a teenager…”

Zechs smiled at her, understanding, "Relena, just because you're in a position of power doesn't mean that you can't act your age. Everybody needs time too… 'let loose', so to say it."

Relena shook her head, "You don't understand.. If I 'let loose' then the media will be all over it. Somehow saying I am unfit to run and supervise things."

"Who said that you have to be in public when doing it?" Zechs countered, "In private, in the company of friends, you can relax and stop being the Vice Foreign Minister and simply be Relena. Dorothy and myself would make sure of it." he smiled at her, smile cheeky.

“The only time I wasn’t acting like that was when I bumped into Trowa a few week ago…” Relena whispered, she took in a deep breath and sighed.

Zechs nodded, "You haven't forgotten how to be a teenager, Relena, and hopefully you'll never forget." He laughed, the sound forced, "Don't follow my example and be an adult at the age of six."

Relena closed her eyes and cuddled up in her brother's arms. "Millie... What do you think will happen? You know… with the break-in?"

Zechs tilted his head, thinking, “I’m rather sure that the Preventers would be called in. Perhaps I can persuade Lady Une to assign myself to the case...”

"I see..." Relena nodded and yawned, "I think I should get some rest." The Preventers would find out who was all behind this, she was sure.

Zechs nodded, ushering her towards the bed,

"I'll take the couch, you need the bed more tonight. And no, it's not a bother."

Relena blinked a few times, was he reading her mind? Smiling, she couldn't help but stand on her tiptoes and brush a kiss to his cheek,

"Thank you, Millie. For being there for me..." With that, she crawled up in the bed, snuggling under the blankets.

He walked towards his sister, bending down to kiss her on the forehead,

"It's my pleasure."

Brushing a stray wisp of hair from her eyes, he turned and started for the bathroom. He knew he didn't need a shower, but he needed time to think.

Free cookies to anyone who manage to guess just who Zechs was thinking about.
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